White/ LifeEdit

The White Lantern Corps. appeared near the end of the Blackest Night, after Thaal Sinestro, who had absorbed the Entity of Life, had the Entity removed from him. No sooner had this happened, then Hal Jordan
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n absorbed it himself, and spread its power over a number of earth's super heroes, some of them Black Lanterns, thus resurrecting them
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(This included Kid Flash, Superman, Superboy, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, Ice, and Animal Man, as Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, and Wonder Woman, had all become other Lanterns before hand

&nbsp ).

With their combined powers, they defeated the Herald of Death, Black Hand, thus allowing the Indigo Tribe to take custody of him, and defeated Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. The White Lantern Corps disbanded soon after this, as the Life Entity vanished.


The Red Lantern Corps was formed by Atrocitus because of the rage he felt over being imprisoned and because due justice was not brought to the Guardians of the Universe, whose Manhunters had slaughtered almost the entirety of his Space Sector (Given that a Red Lanterns's rage is centrally rage felt over loss, he likely feels rage specifically over the loss of his sector, or the billions of years of his life lost because of his imprisonment).

War of LightEdit

The Red Lantern Corps was formed by Atrocitus of the Five Inversions, one of the five survivor
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s of the Massacre of Sector 666. Using the blood magics of the Five Inversions, Atrocitus harnessed the red spe
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ctrum of light, allowing him to empower the rage within him. The Red Power Ring was born out of anger and crystalized by the blood of the Inversions.
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Atrocitus' discovery of the red spectrum first came during the years of incarceration he endured on the prison planet of Ysmault. He blamed the Guardians of the Universe for the massacre of his sector, and because of this Atrocitus built up years of hatred and rage. When he gave in fully to his rage, it was given shape for the first time when he bludgeoned Qull, one of his fellow survivors, to death with a Red Lantern Power Battery. After that, Atrocitus apparently killed the other Inversions, using their blood as part of his plans. He then poured forth the great bloody rage drawn from his body by the power of the red spectrum. Using blood magics he forged a Central Power Battery of his own which stands before a great lake of blood, and from that Lantern emerged batteries and rings to power the Red Lantern Corps. In the shadow of the great Red Lantern, immersed in his victims blood, Atrocitus vowed revenge against the Guardians of the Universe and Sinestro, the "Greatest of the Green Lanterns" and the one who incarcerated him.

He began sending rings across the universe, hoping to raise an army and destroy his jailers. Among those who recieved a ring were Vice, the most ruthless of the Corps; Dex-Starr, a terrestrial feline; Bleez, a woman had been tortured and raped by the Sinestro Corps on Ranx; and Laira, a disgraced former Green Lantern. However, upon accepting the rings, their hearts were rendered useless which spoiled their blood from within, causing them to expel it in violent manner that burned anyone who touched it. Additionally, the Red Lanterns were reduced to an almost animalistic state, with only Atrocitus appearing to be in full control of himself. Once Atrocitus assembled a sufficient force, he instigated a War of Light against his enemies and fueled his own corps with the power of Rage. Shortly afterwards, the Red Lanterns went to capture Sinestro, who was being transfered to Korugar for his execution. At the same time, the Sinestro Corps launched an ambush on the Green Lantern escort to rescue their leader, only to be in turn ambushed by the Red Lanterns. They killed any Green Lantern or Sinestro that stood between them and Sinestro, finally taking Sinestro and a number of his corps captive. Their mission complete, Atrocitus ordered the Red Lanterns to return to Ysmault, where Atrocitus intended to use the blood of the Sinestro Corps leader in another ritual. Atrocitus had to stave off his own corps from killing Sinestro as he intended to break the Korugarian mentally by locating his daughter. Despite his plans, Atrocitus was defeated by Hal Jordan and the newly formed Blue Lantern Corps. Though defeated and wounded, Atrocitus managed to escape and plot anew as he now intended to find the location of the homeworld of the Blue Lanterns.

[1]The Red Lantern Corps and The Emotion of RageAdded by Rod12===The Blackest Night=== While the Red Lantern Corps was recovering, they remained on the planet Ysmault when the Lost Lanterns arrived in order to reclaim the body of their fallen comrade Laira and bring the prison planet back under Guardian control. This led to a fight between the Lost Lanterns and the Red Lanterns at a time when The Blackest Night was coming to pass. As this prophesied time came to pass, thousands of Black Lantern Power Rings were released into the universe and began resurrecting the dead as members of the Black Lantern Corps. This included the dead of Ysmault and numerous Red Lanterns. This eventually forced the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus to form an alliance with the other Lantern Corps in order to defeat the mastermind of the Blackest Night, Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. Whilst Atrocitus worked with the other Lantern Corps leaders, the Red Lantern Corps eventually gave its aid to Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner in order to defeat a large horde of Black Lanterns over Earth. While the Green Lantern Corps were initially wary of teaming up with the Red Lanterns, they managed to work together to defeat their common foe.

The Brightest DayEdit

With the end of the Blackest Night, the Red Lantern Corps survived the cosmic event and continued to operate. The Red Lantern Dex-Starr accompanied Atrocitus to Earth during the demonic leader's search for the Emotional Entities.

Green/ WillEdit

In the early days of the Universe, natives of the overpopulated planet Maltus evolved into immortals of great power. They subsequently settled the planet Oa and declared themselves the Guardians of the Universe and enemies of evil after one of their own, the renegade scientist Krona, performed a forbidden experiment that had terrible consequences for the Universe at large.

Exactly what those consequences were have varied with different versions of the stories; originally, it was supposed to have unleashed Evil in the first place. Later, it was attributed to have created the Antimatter Universe of Qward. Later still, it was used as the explanation for the existence of pa
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Hal Jordan

rallel universes in the DC Universe (and the creation of the Monitor), which eventually led to the rearrangement of Time itself, as seen in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Finally, it has been stated that it accelerated entropy, shortening the duration of the universe by a billion years. Some of the Guardians, however, disagreed on how to deal with the chaos that had been u
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nleashed. One group, calling itself the Controllers, separated itself from the others and favored using more violent methods to achieve their ends. They would later found the Darkstars organization. The female Oans, feeling no need to involve themselves in the situation, also left, becoming later known as the Zamarons.

Manhunter FailureEdit

To enforce their will and guard against alien menaces of all sorts, the Guardians had created a legion of robotic sentinels called the Manhunters about 3.5 billion years ago. The Manhunters eventually came to resent their servitude and were also viewed as flawed due to their inability to recognize and/or feel fear. They rebelled against the Guardians and fought a millenia long war that culminated with an attack on the planet Oa. Ultimately, the Guardians overcame their android servants, stripping them of their power and banishing them across the universe. Eventually, they formed their own robotic society where they pursued their own agenda (which often included interfering with and foiling the plans of the Guardians).

Creation of The CorpsEdit

Chastened by the failure of the Manhunters, the Guardians decided that their newest force of soldiers for good would consist of living beings, ones who had free will and strong moral character. To arm this new legion of celestial knights, the Guardians created the Power Rings, rings of inconceivably-advanced technology that allowed their wearers to project green beams of energy with which the bearer could conjure objects of any size or shape, limited only by his or her imagination and willpower.

Although the connection between the Guardian Oans and the origin of the Green Lantern symbol has yet to be clarified, it has been revealed that the lantern itself has its roots in the first life in the universe. Allegedly, the first life in the galaxy emerged on an unnamed foggy world, and when they developed a police force - the first in the universe - the constabulary carried a lantern lit with a green chemical flame, hence a corp of Green Lanterns. It is believed that this ideal was adopted and spread throughout the galaxy as a symbol for law and justice and its ability to pierce confusion and uncertainty, eventually resulting in the formation of the Green Lantern Corps, with requisite power rings and lantern-shaped batteries along traditional lines. Initially consisting of only a few dozen agents at a time, the Corps radically increased its numbers approximately 1000 years ago. The Guardians sought to bring order to the planet known as Apokolips. Home to Darkseid, a galactic tyrant, Apokolips was and is a stronghold of evil. Green Lantern Raker Qarrigat sought to remove Darkseid from power, only to be humbled by Darkseid's might. Raker returned to Oa, where he convinced the Guardians that taking Apokolips would require an army. Authorized to start a massive recruitment, Raker and his fellow Lanterns inducted thousands of new members, bringing total membership .

&nbsp Both the Corps and the Guardians suffered casualties during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Guardians' failure to take appropriate action during the Crisis led to their decision to depart Oa in the company of their female counterparts, the Zamarons. Left to their own devices, the Corps underwent a major reorganization. A team of Green Lanterns led by Hal Jordan was stationed on Earth, and the system of assigning one Green Lantern to a sector was temporarily abandoned. The decision of the Corps to execute Sinestro resulted in the activation of a previously unknown fail-safe that depowered the rings of every Green Lantern except for Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, G'nort and Ch'p.

The Guardians eventually returned to Oa and began the reconstruction of the Corps, assigning Guy Gardner to Earth, John Stewart to the Mosaic World, and Hal Jordan to recruit new members. Ironically, Jordan himself would eventually be responsible for destroying the incarnation of the Corps that he had helped create.

Fall of The Green Lantern CorpsEdit

The Green Lantern Corps patrolled the DC Universe for over three billion years. In that vast length of time, some Green Lanterns rebelled and fell into evil. A rogue Green Lantern, Universo, was briefly shown to exist in the future epoch of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but multiple retcons have long since eliminated this possible future. Two of the most important rebels were Sinestro, the rogue Green Lantern, and Hal Jordan, driven insane over the loss of his home, Coast City, and possession by Parallax.

The Green Lantern Corps ranks were decimated by Hal Jordan during his madness, its power source, the Main Battery, extinguished; and Oa destroyed, removing the original power source for the rings.

After the fall of the Corps, other organizations tried to fill in the power vacuum left by the Guardians. Two organizations had initial notable successes; the Darkstars and L.E.G.I.O.N. However neither ever achieved the power and reach of the Green Lantern Corps.

Rebirth of The CorpEdit

"Brothers and Sisters. It is time" - Guardians of the Universe upon the restoration of the Corps.

Recently Oa was reconstructed by Hal Jordan's old sidekick Tom Kalmaku, and shortly thereafter Kyle Rayner, the last remaining Green Lantern, resurrected the Guardians as children using the power Parallax had stolen. The resurrections did not stop there. It was discovered that Hal Jordan had committed his crimes while possessed by the ancient fear parasite Parallax. Parallax had been imprisoned within the Central Power Battery for billions of years and is the mysterious "Yellow Impurity" within the Corps' green light that leaves them vulnerable against yellow. Once Parallax had been exorcised, the now adult Guardians re-imprisoned Parallax. With that, the Guardians continued the re-construction and expansion of the Corps. The new Corps, under the training of Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner and other veterans, was primarily filled by new recruits. Only a handful of veteran Lanterns are back in the ranks. Each sector will have two Lanterns assigned to protect it. Due to an ancient pact with the Spider Guild the Vega star system is off limits to all members of the Corps.

With 3600 sectors and two Green Lanterns per sector, it will be many years before the Corps regains its former strength. It presently lacks both the manpower and the political influence it once had due to its years-long absence from many sectors. This has left it currently unable to intervene in situations it might have before Parallax destroyed the old Corps, including conflicts such as the Rann-Thanagar War. The Guardians remain staunchly uninvolved in what they see as a conflict that could destabilize many sectors, but that has not stopped Kyle Rayner and Kilowog from helping refugees.

Despite these difficulties, the Corps played a key role in defeating Superboy-Prime. Several Lanterns were killed slowing the renegade Superboy's advance on Oa, a sacrifice that enabled Earth's most powerful heroes to execute their plan to restrain him. Mogo, the sentient planet and Corps member, positioned himself to act as a final battleground between Superboy-Prime and the two Supermen. The Corps took responsibility for imprisoning Superboy-Prime, incarcerating him inside a small red Sun-Eater with fifty Green Lanterns on constant guard duty. "Prime Duty" is considered one of the lowlier functions of the Corps, and Guy Gardner was sentenced to a month of such duty for one of his frequent rules infractions.

As of the "One Year Later" timeframe, the Green Lantern Corps has increased its numbers, with many former trainees now full-fledged officers. The lack of truly experienced GLs remains an issue, with Guy Gardner being called upon often to assist the rookies. The transformation of Kyle Rayner to Ion also holds unknown ramifications for the future of the Corps.

Sinestro Corps WarEdit

Rogue Green Lantern Sinestro, working with the Anti-Monitor, has created his own version of the Corps. Dubbed the "Sinestro Corps", it recruits beings capable of generating great fear. Armed with yellow Power Rings and Lanterns manufactured on Qward, the Sinestro Corps recently staged an attack on Oa, killing dozens of GLC officers, kidnapping Kyle Rayner and freeing Superboy-Prime, Parallax and the Cyborg Superman from the Corps' supervision.

As the Sinestro Corps' campaign of terror spreads, the Guardians, in desperation, rewrite the first Law of Ten in the Book of Oa, enabling the remaining Lanterns to use lethal force. When the Sinestro Corps gathered for an assault on Earth, the Green Lantern Corps and Earth Superheroes united to fight off the invasion force. Eventually, during the Battle of New York, Guy Gardner and John Stewart used Warworld and it's mobile Power Battery as a weapon against the Anti-Monitor, with the Green Lanterns throwing up a shield to contain the Anti-Monitor and the explosion. The Anti-Monitor and Cyborg Superman were both seriously injured in the explosion, and Superboy-Prime then betrayed the Anti-Monitor, hurling him away from Earth. At Coast City, Hal Jordan was able to free Kyle Rayner from Parallax's control, and he was imprisoned in the Earth Lanterns power batteries. During the Sinestro Corps subsequent invasion of Coast City, Hal and Kyle were able to defeat and arrest Sinestro, ending the Sinestro Corp War.

Rise of The Lantern CorpsEdit

Following the Sinestro Corps War, the Guardians, under the leadership of the Scar, began taking new measures to prevent the Blackest Night from occurring. The Guardians established the Alpha-Lantern Corps as an internal affairs force to investigate any abuses of power or dereliction of duty. The Alpha Lanterns were subjected to invasive surgery that essentially made them Lantern Manhunter hybrids. Following this, the Guardians authorized lethal force against all enemies of the Green Lantern Corps.

Meanwhile, Qwardian rings continued to search for new bearers across the galaxy, one of which made their way to Mongul II. He tried to take over the Sinestro Corps in their time of weakness. A team of Lanterns under Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner, on a search for the remaining Qwardian rings, discovered Mongul and managed to defeat him, leaving him for dead, though he escaped soon after. At the same time, the Guardians were aware of the Zamarons experiments into the Violet light to form the Star Sapphires. After a failed diplomatic mission, the Guardians established a new rule forbidding romantic relationships between members of the Green Lantern Corps. This act backfired on the Guardians, as dozens of Green Lantern couples resigned in protest.

Having been on death row since the end of the war, Sinestro was eventually ordered to be transferred to Korugar for execution. A team of Green Lanterns, including Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kilowog, and Salakk, oversaw the transfer, only to come under ambush by the Sinestro Corps, who had been informed of the transfer by the Scarred Guardian. However, the Sinestro Corps were themselves ambushed by the Red Lantern Corps under Atrocitus, seeking to capture Sinestro for himself. The Green Lanterns were left for dead, their rings corrupted by the rage of the Red Lanterns. However, they in turn were rescued by Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps.

Hal Jordan, John Stewart and The Green Lantern CorpsAdded by Rod12===Awakening of Agent Orange === The Corps. itself was next engaged in the subjugation of Larfleeze, otherwise known as Agent Orange. Awoken from his solitude on Okaara by the intervention of the Controllers, who wished to take control of a portion of the Emotion Spectrum for themselves, Agent Orange sent a message to the Guardians of the Universe in the form of a severely damaged Stel, and a hologram. The message described larfleeze's rage at being disturbed, despite the Guardian's assurances that it was not them who disturbed him. Remarking that their previous pact was null and void, he demanded they give into his terms, though Scar blasted the hologram, remarking that the Guardians do not deal with terrorists.

The Guardians (apart from Scar), and a battalion of Lanterns (including Hal Jordan and John Stewart) flew to Okaara, all of the Guardians but one agreeing to lift the ban on the vega system. There they challenged Larfleeze to surrender to them, only to be assaulted by his army of Orange Lantern avatars. Larfleeze took an interest in Jordan, who sported a blue ring, and kidnapped him. Eventually Jordan managed to defeat Larfleeze, using his blue ring to keep his green ring charged eternally, and sending a counter army of green constructs against larfleeze's avatars. The Guardians proceeded to try and kill Larfleeze, but stopped when the orange lantern said that even if they did kill him, another would take possession of the orange light. Thinking it best that they know their enemy, and where he is, the Guardians make a deal with him, betraying Ganthet and Sayd's location to him in exchange for Larfleeze not interfering in Green lantern business.

Meanwhile, on Oa, the red lantern Vice has been captured by the Alpha Lanterns, and sent to be incarcerated. Unfortunately, Scar sees Vice as a catalyst for he plans on Oa, and releases the muzzle on his mouth. Assaulting the prison guard, Voz, Vice proceeds to rampage through the sciencells, releasing and killing a great number of inmates, starting a riot. The Corps. on Oa converges on the prison, attempting to subdue the prisoners. before long, the Alpha lanterns arrive, and encase all of the prisoners aside from two who had agreed to help re-round up the other prisoners inside a large spherical construct. At the same time, Scar finds Lyssa Drak in the bowels of Oa, searching for her Book of Parallax. Instead, the Sinestro finds Scar's Book of the Black, which upon opening and viewing a page, is slammed into it by scar, and sealed inside. Moments after, Scar uses the book to cause a seismic disturbance that cracks open and destroys the protective shell over Oa. The Guardians return from their meeting with Larfleeze, and order the escaped prisoners to be executed, evidently on edge over the recent occurrences. All but the two who had helped at systematically slaughtered by the Alpha lanterns.

&nbsp Within their Citadel, the Guardians observe with grim contemplation the War of Light. The red Lanterns fight the Alpha Lanterns, the Sinestro and Star Sapphires, and the Blue and Orange Corps. fight each other across the universe. Admitting their failure to avert the Blackest Night, the Guardians begin to plan for it. At the same time, Black Hand has been subtly manipulating events on earth, stealing Batman's skull and raising several prominent dead superheroes into Black Lanterns. No sooner does this happen, than the Central Power Battery on Ryut regurgitates thousands upon thousands of Black lantern Rings across the universe. Scar, in the Citadel with her fellow Guardians, seizes a nearby male Guardian, and proceeds to viciously kill him, ripping out his heart after biting into his jugular, and eating it, much to the horror of the other Guardians.

Black Lantern rings rain upon Oa, smashing their way into the crypts and raising the former lanterns. As the Black Lanterns rampage across the universe, Scar kidnaps the other Guardians, and takes them to Ryut, where she displays to them the Blackest Night in full swing as they are encased within the Black Energy ooze. She then induces a forced sleep on them, implying some form of transformation or sacrifice. In the confusion of the Black Lantern assault on Oa, the on-planet Lanterns try to hold off the ever growing hordes. Indigo-2, Munk, shows up and offers his assistance to Isamot Kol and Vath Sarn, who both wonder as to why he can destroy the Black Lanterns and they can't. At the same time, Kryb breaks out of her prison on Zamaron during the Black Lantern uprising there, and convinces Star Sapphire Miri Riam to help her look for the children she kidnapped, whom she apparently truly loves. The trail leads them to Oa, where for a while now the children had been attacking as Black Lanterns, having died from neglect and starvation where Kryb had left them while imprisoned. By the time they get to Oa, several Green Lanterns had had the idea to let Vice out of his sciencell, and attack the Black Lanterns, which he did, so hastily and viciously that the Black Lanterns couldn't reform quick enough under the effects of his red light, and were promptly destroyed. Unfortunately, Alpha Lantern Chaselon witnessed Vice's escape, and under the influence of his programming, slaughtered Vice on the spot, thus earnign himself the attention of the Black Lanterns. The Black Lanterns overwhelmed him, and critically damaged his Alpha Lantern Battery. Knowing what was going to happen, Kyle Rayner pulled the Battery towards himself, put a shield around as many Black Lanterns as he could get, and destroyed himself along with the battery, vaporizing the Black Lanterns in the process.

This catastrophic event led to Guy Gardner becoming so angry, that Vice's red ring forced itself onto him, and made him a Red Lantern, and sending him on a wild killing spree like Vice before him. During the melee, the green lantern planetoid, Mogo, warps over Oa, and proceeds to use his gravitational field to pull the Black Lanterns on planet into his core, incinerating them eternally as their rings try to reform them. Just before, Kryb who had just arrived on Oa, attempted to stop Gardner from slaughtering her Black Lantern children, only to have him pull off one of her arms and ram it into her mouth. After Mogo's prompt actions, the rest of the Green Lanterns, Miri Riam, and Munk, all try to stop Guy Gardner's red rampage, only to be unsuccessful. Mogo pulls him too with his gravitational manipulation, and drags him into a cleansing pool, which successfully removes the red ring, but fails to remove the red energy from his blood, which only a Blue Lantern can do. At the same time ont he planet Oa itself, the Guardians are found to have vanished, and the Alpha Lanterns attempt to establish martial law in their absence. They are stopped however, by Salaak, who asserts his authority as Chief Administrator, and reminds them that under the Guardian's laws, he is in fact in charge during their absence. At that moment, Indigo-1's message reaches Oa, and all lanterns present fly directly off to Earth with all of the other Corps. to face off against the horde of Black Lanterns attempting to flood onto the planet from the reformed Black Lantern planet, Xanshi.


Many years ago (too long ago even for ancient beings to remember), the Guardians of the Universe hid the fact that they made a treaty to stay out of the the Vega System with Larfleeze, covering it with a peace treaty with the Spider Guild. The extent of this treaty seems for Larfleeze, the keeper of the power of avarice, to be left in peace and isolation and the Green Lantern Corps to be forbidden to enter the vega system.

The Orange Lantern Power Ring is powered by avarice, or greed. The wielders of the Orange Power Rings are, in fact, constructs created by the sole member of the Corps, Agent Orange, which is why members appear to be covered in an orange aura entirely. According to Ganthet, "the orange light of avarice will b
300px-656091-ring orange 2007 12 26001copy super
e discovered and manipulated by a being whose greed knows no bounds", Larfleeze. The Controllers, an off-shoot of the Oan race, were searching the Vega star-system for the orange light in order to create their own Corps.
250px-612819-gl cv39 super



With the Guardians occupied with the Zamarons' experiments on the Star Sapphires, the Controllers were left to begin a search without opposition from the only two groups which would stop them. The Controllers believed they had located the orange light on the planet Okaara, within the Vega star-system, a forbidden territory for the Green Lantern Corps. Without the interference of the Guardians they could finally attain a power source that would allow them the means of creating an army to control the universe.

Treaty is BrokenEdit

On Okaara the Controllers traveled through a forest overgrown with weeds and vines. The Orange Light had influenced the environment around it to the point where the vines consumed everything it touched; if it hadn't already strangled all the life from it first. The Controllers found a sealed cavern with the symbol of avarice embedded in the entrance. They entered the dwelling and descended downward into the underground palace. The Controllers found a rotten feast of food that had recently been eaten despite its decay. The Controllers were confident in their immortal power that nothing could stand in their way from finding the Orange Light, no matter what primitive creatures resided in the so called palace. They came across the Orange Lantern Power Battery deep within the caverns of Okaara, as soon as they tried to take it the Controllers were completely slaughtered by a horde of Orange Lantern Corps members that seemed to appear from out of thin air. In turn Agent Orange the leader of the Orange Lantern Corps was so enraged and infuriated that he sent a message to the Guardians telling them their former treaty was null and void because of the actions taken by the Controllers breaching the isolation agreement they had set forth so long ago. He then promised that either he is given what he demands or his corps would descend upon them. Scar casually blasts the construct aside, remarking "The Guardians do not negotiate with terrorists".

Fight on OkaaraEdit

The Guardians, except for Scar who is apparently ill, and a force of Lanterns descend upon Okaara, the Guardians having revoked the ban on the Vega System. upon landing, the Guardians blast aside the Forbidden Forest of Weeds, and are subsequently attacked by Orange Lantern Avatars when Larfleeze refuses to surrender to them. Larfleeze, enraged at the Guardians arrival on Okaara, attempts to kill them all, only to become intrigued by Hal Jordan's Blue Lantern Ring. He kidnaps Hal, and demands the ring. Hal makes him a deal; if he tells Hal his origins, Hal would give Larfleeze the ring willingly. Considering talk cheap, Larfleeze accepts, and explains that he was once a member of a guild of thieves who stole from the Maltusians a box containing Parallax, the fear entity, and a map leading to a great treasure on Okaara. The Guardians followed the guild, killing all but two of the thieves, and some Guardians being killed themselves by the Orange Light. In the end, the Guardians struck a deal themselves with the two thieves. They demanded only that the thieves stay on Okaara forever, and that they receive back the box with Parallax. In return, the thieves could keep the Orange Lantern, but only one could have it. Larfleeze killed his comrade after a struggle, and took possession of it. Unfortunately, Larfleeze became impatient telling his story, and afterwards demanded the ring from Hal, who told him, honestly, that he couldn't take it off his finger. Larfleeze cut off Hal's hand, and took the ring from it's unresisting finger, and immediately felt relief from his eternal hunger and desire upon wearing it.

Reveling in the bliss the blue ring provided, he was rudely brought back to reality, as the illusion created by the Blue ring disappeared, revealing him to still be an Orange Lantern. Infuriated at what he saw as a trick by Hal Jordan, who had in fact had no part in the ring's construct casting (see Lantern Energy Constructs, section on Blue Lanterns), Larfleeze summoned his Lantern Avatars and proceeded to attack Jordan. In retaliation, Jordan summoned an immense number of Green Constructs with his green ring, using the power of his blue ring to keep it infinitely charged. The two opposing Corps. whittled each other down, until eventually the Guardians managed to blast their way into the sanctuary. Larfleeze summoned an immense version of himself, and ordered it to attack Jordan and the Guardians, though Jordan is able to defeat the construct with the power of his blue ring, which immediately flies off his finger and goes to find someone who can use hope. Larfleeze, defeated, tells the Guardians spitefully that even if they kill him or take him prisoner, which they had planned on doing, the power of the Orange Light would simply find another. The Guardians halted, and ordering Hal away, began to barter with the Orange Lantern. Upon exiting the sanctuary and beginning their return to Oa, Hal asked the Guardians what Larfleeze wanted. They reply that it does not concern him, but later it is shown that his entire Orange Lantern Corps is descending upon Odym, to claim for him a blue ring. The Orange Lanterns fight the Blue Lanterns and their Guardians, Ganthet and Sayd, while Larfleeze eggs them on from his sanctuary. Unfortunately, at this time the Black Lantern Rings fly out from their homeworld of Ryut, and a number of them descend upon Okaara, raising the corpses of those victims Larfleeze had turned into his Avatars. For the first time ever, Larfleeze looks on in horror, wanting something alien to him; help...

Sinestro/ FearEdit


Created by the Anti-Monitor in order to facilitate his plans to feed on New Earth and the Multiverse. Co-created by Sinestro to instill fear in the Universe and the Guardians of the Universe so that they would be force to change the laws of the Book of Oa.

Before The CorpsEdit

The Parallax entity is a space parasite that is the embodiment of fear that was imprisoned within the Central Power Battery on Oa. After a long time, the entity became known as the yellow impurity, the cause for the Green Lantern's weakness with the color yellow.


After Sinestro went rogue, he was banished by the Guardians of the Universe to Qward in the Anti-Matter Universe. When he returned, he wielded a power ring which used yellow energy. After various encounters with Earth's Green Lantern Hal Jordan, he was imprisoned within the Central Power Battery. There he was able to use his ring, which uses fear, as opposed to willpower, as a power source, to awaken

300px-544974-ring yellow 2007 12 26001copy super

Parallax from hibernation. From here, Parallax and Sinestro were able influence the fall of Hal Jordan and instigate the fall of the Green Lantern Corps, leaving one last Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner.

Order EstablishmentEdit

With the Green Lantern Corps restarted with the return of Hal Jordan, Sinestro has founded the Sinestro Corps and has been actively recruiting members, offering yellow power rings and a role in the Corps to those who can "instill great fear". Members of the Corps are immediately taken to Qward to " subjected to psychological and physical reconditioning". The Sinestro Corps works in sectors, much like the GLC. Qward now has a huge yellow "Central Battery" on it, like the one used on Oa.

Arkillo, a large and muscular vicious alien is enslaving all the Weaponers of Qward and forcing them to continuously build new yellow rings, programmed to breach the barrier between anti-matter and matter universe and find and recruit new ring-wielders. Arkillo also serves as the Sinestro Corps' drill sergeant, similar to Kilowog's role in the GLC. Enkafos serves as a strategist and advisor.

Known members, other than the Corps' namesake and Arkillo, include Karu-Sil, raised by animals; Despotellis, a sentient virus capable of attacking Lanterns from the inside; Bedovian, the sniper of the Corps, capable of taking out a target from three sectors away while living off of the fungus growing on his "hermit crab" like shell.

Recently, the Sinestro Corps attempted to recruit Batman, known even to some alien races for his great formidablity and ability of instilling great fear in others. However, Batman's willpower combined with his previous brief exposure to a power ring allowed him to reject the yellow ring before it took him to be properly trained and molded into one of Sinestro's warriors. The yellow ring then sought a replacement and selected Amon Sur, the disgruntled son of Abin Sur, who was on Earth and attempting to steal Hal Jordan's ring.

Forcing The ProphecyEdit

Upgraded Manhunters started to appear throughout the universe. Hal Jordan encountered one on Earth and, with Guy Gardner, followed their trail to Sector 3601. Hal and Guy found several Green Lanterns, all of who were assumed to have been killed during the Emerald Twilight saga, and the Manhunter's new grandmaster Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg-Superman. The Manhunters were defeated and Henshaw's head was brought to Oa. The Book of Oa has a forbidden chapter on cosmic Revelations, which included the following prophecy:

After his interrogation, the Guardians learned that Henshaw is aware of the fifty-two parallel universes and that if New Earth was destroyed, the new Multiverse would collapse and the Anti-Matter Universe would take its place. Two of the Guardians, Ganthet and Sayd, warn the other Guardians not to ignore the prophecy because it could destroy the Green Lantern Corps.

[2]Superman-Prime and The Sinestro Corps Begin The AttackAdded by===Sinestro Corps War=== Once the Sinestro Corps were at sufficient strength, Sinestro ordered an assault on Oa. While his corps rampaged across the the Guardians homeworld, Sinestro was breaking the will of Kyle Rayner, who had been captured and brought to Qward by a yellow power ring. Revealing that Ion was in fact a seperate entity from Rayner, and that his agent Despotellis had killed Rayner's mother, Sinestro succeeded in breaking his will, offering him up as the new host for Parallax, who had somehow escaped the Central Battery on Oa and was waiting in the Qwardian Central Battery. Their assault on Oa resulted in accomplishing their mission of freeing Superman-Prime and Cyborg Superman. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner, the Green Lanterns of Earth, went to Qward to rescue their friend, along with the Lost Lanterns, who were ordered to rescue Ion at all costs. The Green Lanterns were able to rescue Ion, though at the cost of Ke'Haan and Jack T. Chance's lives, but failed to rescue Rayner. The Earth Lanterns then returned to Earth to enlist the aid of their comrades in the Justice League, while the Lost Lanterns returned to Oa.

Meanwhile, Sinestro dispatched Arkillo and Enkafros to lead a force of Sinestros to destroy Mogo, who was responsible for guiding the Green Lantern Rings throughout the universe. They had enlisted the aid of Ranx The Sentient City and the Children of the White Lobe to help them. A force under Kilowog and Salaak led a counterstrike, with Kilowog sending a small squad to neutralize Ranx. However, the Lanterns inability to kill handicapped them, allowing the Sinestro Corps to gain significant ground. Just as Kilowog all but admitted defeat, their power rings began transmitting a message: the Guardians had amended the first law of the Book of Oa to allow lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. Learning that they are in danger, the Sinestros break ranks in panic, while rookie Lantern Sodam Yat ends the battle by destroying Ranx.

Mere moments after the battle's end, Jordan broadcasts an S.O.S. announcing that Sinestro is attacking Earth, using a New Warworld to transport their Central Battery as well. Earth's heroes assist the Green Lanterns, and Jordan and Rayner are able to break Parallax's hold over the latter, while Ganthet and Sayd, banished from the Guardians for their "heresy", imprison Parallax in the Earth Lanterns' personal power batteries, while Sinestro leads a force to attack Coast City. The Anti-Monitor then arrives at the battle raging in New York, and begins absorbing positive matter, hoping to destroy Earth, and with it the multiverse. However, the Guardians arrive to deal with the Anti-Monitor himself. John Stewart and Guy Gardner come up with the plan to use Warworld's Yellow Battery to damage the Anti-Monitor. The two Lanterns throw Warworld at the Anti-Monitor, while the Green Lanterns raise a shield around the Anti-Monitor and Warworld to contain the blast. The explosion significantly cutting through the Anti-Monitor's armor and killing Hank Henshaw as well, shutting down the Manhunters. Superboy-Prime then betrays the Anti-Monitor, throwing him across the universe, but is warped into the multiverse when one of the Guardians sacrifices himself to destroy Prime. At Coast City, Sinestro uses the Manhunters to drain Jordan and Rayner's power rings, only for Jordan to use a Manhunter power skull to drain Sinestro's. The three fight across Coast City, where Jordan finally defeats Sinestro. With their senior command removed, the Sinestro Corps withdraws.

Post WarEdit

Though the Sinestro Corps was defeated, the Rings were still being sent to seek out new bearers. One of these was Mongul II, who decided to take over the leaderless Sinestros. A number of them refused, so Mongul killed them and took their rings for his own. Mongul eventually made his way to Ater Clementia, using the Black Mercies to cause nightmares among those who were attached to them. Mongul was defeated and left for dead by a Lantern team under Gardner and Rayner's leadership, though Mongul survived and escaped without the Lanterns knowledge. He made his way to Daxam, which he conquered to serve as the homeworld of the Sinestro Corps, which he still claimed leadership over.

Meanwhile, many in the Sinestro Corps began a campaign to terrorize the Green Lantern Corps by targetting their families. The Quintet, a group of five siblings, began targeting the families of rookie Lanterns and delivered their eyes to a training facility. After they were neutralized, the Sinestro Kryb began targeting Green Lanterns expecting newborn children, killing the parents and taking the children. She was later captured by a group of Green Lanterns under Rayner, with the help of the Star Sapphire Miri Riam, who took Kryb with her to Zamaron, in an attempt to be rehabilitated along with other female Sinestro Corps members.

Seeking to restore their leader and end Mongul's coup attempts, a group of Sinestro loyalists began plotting to rescue him. When the Green Lanterns were transfering the imprisoned Sinestro to Korugar for his execution, the Sinestro Corps ambushed them, only to be in turn ambushed by the Red Lantern Corps and captured along with Sinestro. After a second successful rescue on Ysmault, Sinestro was informed of the Star Sapphires and Mongul's coup attempts. Returning to Qward, Sinestro revealed a secondary Central Power Battery to his loyalists, and instructed them to rescue the female Sinestro Corps members on Zamaron, then gather on Daxam's moon for his inevitable counterattack against Mongul.


Created to bring hope to the future in the light of so much destruction, when good faces overwhelming odds. At the end of the war with the Sinestro Corps and after being exiled from the Guardians of the Universe for their individuality, Ganthet and Sayd started the Blue Lantern Corps by creating a Blue Power Ring out of their hope for the future. The Blue Lantern Power Rings are powered by the emotion of Hope. While an entirely separate corps they are meant to aid other benevolent wielders of emotional spectrum rather then replace them.


The Blue Lantern Corps recruitment is unique in that it takes a process of three days in which the being in question is picked by the most recently recruited lantern. Then they are taken to the Blue Lantern Headq
250px-Sayd Guardian of Avarice

Sayd, cofounder

uarters on Odym. Once on Odym they are explained to, in great length what it means to wield the power of hope. They learn that it is a responsibility to give one's self to the universe. When they agree to the terms and conditions of wielding such power the Guardians of Hope bestow the ring upon them.
300px-Blue Lantern Corps

The Rise of The Blue Lantern Corps
300px-656075-ring blue 2007 12 26001copy super

After the Red Lantern Corps' ambush of Sinestro's prison transport back to Korugar for execution Hal Jordan and several other Lanterns were infected by the rage and hatred of the Red Lantern's pure anger. Saint Bro'Dee Walker then appeared and using his Blue Power Ring he purged Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern's from the poisoning, corrupting, and controlling influence of the red rings. The Blue Lantern was able to remove the rage from the Green Lantern's with their power rings. Their constructs are unique in that are based on the psychosis of the Lantern they are trying to heal. In the case of John Stewart his deceased wife Katma Tui appeared to him. Walker was able to cleanse them both spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Hal Jordan then journeyed with Saint Walker to Odym, home of the Blue Lantern Corps, to introduce him to the leaders of the Blue Lantern Corps, Ganthet and Sayd. While passing by the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery Walker warns Jordan not to get too close. The power of the Blue Lantern can supplement a Green Lantern ring above its maximum power level but prolonged contact with the Central Blue Battery for too long and the Green Lantern Power Ring will overload and explode taking out the Lantern's hand and most of the Lantern with it.

Jordan and Walker then observed the initiation of the being known as Warth of Space Sector 0002; Warth then accepts Ganthet and Sayd's offer to join the Blue Lantern Corps. Jordan had a brief discussion with Ganthet and Sayd about the Blue Lantern Corps and joining their cause. Afterward Walker, Warth, and Jordan journeyed to an unknown planet that was on the verge of being destroyed by a dying star that had yet to explode. While Jordan began efforts to evacuate the planet, Walker and Warth begin channeling the hope of the millions of people on the planet's surface. With the combined hope of an entire planet they were able to reverse the age of the dying star and turn it into a new blue star that wouldn't burn out again for another billion years. Walker and Warth then explain to Jordan that their Blue Rings do not need to be recharged and that as long as there are beings that believe in the power of hope they will never lose their power. Walker then reveals that it is Hal Jordan's destiny to join the Blue Lantern Corps and become their leader; He also reveals Sinestro's larger part in the war to come when he realizes that the fate of the universe rests on his survival.

&nbsp Walker, Warth, and Jordan then travel to Ysmault to free Sinestro. When they arrive they find a band of Sinestro Corps members who are still loyal to Sinestro preparing to rescue him as well as Atrocitus and the entire Red Lantern Corps waiting for them. While Jordan makes his way towards Sinestro the Blue Lanterns take on both the Sinestro Corps and the Red Lanterns. The Sinestro Corps' Power Rings become useless and drained of all power, as Saint Bro'Dee Walker explains with the power of hope present fear is useless and holds no power. Warth and Walker began using their power to purge the Red Lantern's of all their rage and hatred. After releasing Sinestro Laira attacked Jordan in a blind rage. Not wanting to have to lose another friend Jordan tried to get through to Laira and reach the part of her that was still in control. Just as he began to get through to her and she began to show a glimmer of the person she used to be, Sinestro struck Laira down and killed her. Blinded by rage Hal Jordan furiously attacked Sinestro only to have Sinestro mock him for being weak and sentimental, having only done what was necessary to their survival.

Exploiting Jordan's anger Atrocitus forced a Red Lantern ring on him and transformed Hal Jordan into a member of the Red Lantern Corps. Since he was equipped with both a Green Lantern and Red Lantern Ring Jordan was not under the complete control of the Red Power Ring. Jordan battled the red ring with his green one but it's rage was slowly and steadily winning out against his willpower. Jordan lashed out at Walker with a Red Lantern construct of a fighter jet. Saint Walker could tell that part of the real Hal Jordan was still in there because he was forming sentimental constructs based on his life. Atrocitus then confronted Saint Walker telling him he knew the true vulnerability of the Blue Lantern's power that they had attempted to hide from them all along. A Blue Lanterns power may be extraordinary but it does have its limitations: Without an active Green Lantern and Green Lantern Power Ring a Blue Lantern is nearly powerless.

Even though the poisoning from the red ring had already begun, his heart had stopped and his body had already began expelling its own blood Walker still believed he could save him. Walker then said to Hal Jordan, "...I don't know whether you have great hope or not, but Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps!" The combination of the Blue Lantern Power Ring with the Green Lantern Power Ring was able to override and destroy the Red Lantern Power Ring and restore Hal Jordan's body, restart his heart and get his blood pumping again returning him to a nearly normal state. However because he was wearing both a Blue and Green Power Ring they warped his uniform and left Jordan wondering what they had turned him into; Saint Walker simply replied "I...I don't know..."

Agent OrangeEdit

After returning to Odym without Sinestro, Saint Walker, Brother Warth, and Hal Jordan speak with Ganthet, who explains that his intention to make Jordan the leader of the Blue Lanterns, is not as a Blue Lantern, but as a Green Lantern. He also reveals his intention to deliver a message of alliance with the Indigo Tribe, as a measure of forming a united front of Willpower, Hope, and Compassion against the forces of the Black. During the mission to the Vega system to confront Larfleeze, Hal recounts what Ganthet told him about removing his Blue Power Ring. Apparently, the only way to do so is to use it, upon which time it would remove itself from his finger and find another to fill the position, much like other Lantern Power Rings. It is during the Guardians' confrontation with Larfleeze, that the Blue Guardians, Ganthet and Sayd, finish training their newest member, Sister Sercy, in the use of the Blue Light. However, upon the completion of her training, Larfleeze and his menagerie of Orange Lantern Avatars descend upon Odym, with the intention of seizing a Blue Ring for himself.

[3]Barry Allen, Welcome to The Blue Lantern CorpsAdded by DarkLantern1806===The Blackest Night=== Without a Green Lantern ring, all the Blue Lantern were powerless to stop Larfleeze's avatars. The Orange Lanterns proceeded to start to try to remove the Central Blue Power Battery from its foundation. During the assault, a small group of black rings descend on Odym but were unable to find a target. When Hal and his companions were transported to Odym, the blue rings reactivated, but the Orange Lanterns vanished mysteriously.

When the group reaches Coast City, Ganthet reveals that each colored power ring has a hidden program to activate during the Blackest Night. He duplicates each power ring and Saint Walker's new ring flies straight to Barry Allen, inducting him as the newest member of the Blue Lantern Corps. In the final stages of the Blackest Night, the rest of the Blue Lantern Corps joined forces with their comrade Corps and fell under the leadership of Guy Gardner in order to defeat a massive horde of Black Lanterns in the vicinity of Earth. Together, they managed to weave their energies together and defeat the Black Lanterns thus signalling an end of the Blackest Night.

The Brightest DayEdit

With the end of that prophecised event, the Blue Lantern Corps managed to survive the ravages of Nekron and his minions. However, at this point, both of its Guardians were gone as Sayd was now with the Orange Lantern Corps while Ganthet had resigned his position as a Guardian of any Corps and became inducted into the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps.


The Indigo Tribe is a mysterious group that has formed and harnessed the power of compassion from the Emotional Spectrum. At this time, they are led by a woman known as Indigo. They did not take part during the War of Light though their existence was known to a few who sought to find them which included Scar who wished to destroy them and the Blue Lantern Corps who wished to ally with the Indigo Tribe. The members of this corps came across a battle between a Green Lantern and a Sinestro Corpsmen in Space Sector 3544. The Green Lantern had been gravely injured and the leader of the Indigo Tribe used her light of compassion to put him out of his misery by killing him due to the extent of his injuries. When the Sinestro Corpsmen attacked, Indigo used her light to absorb the yellow energy and fired it back by creating a monstrous construct that scared her opponent away.
300px-Indigo Lantern Tribe

The Blackest Night
300px-656090-ring indigo 2007 12 26001copy super

When the Blackest Night Prophecy came to pass, it was then that the Indigo Tribe began to act. This saw their leader Indigo arrive on Earth where she assisted the superheroes of the world against the Black Lantern Corps. She later took Hal Jordan against his wishes by taking him from Earth to Zamaron through a spatial leap during a fight between the Star Sapphire Corps and a group from the Sinestro Corps. The battle between the two corps ended when Black Lantern Power Rings descended on Zamaron and ruptured the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery. The leader of the Indigo Tribe later took Sinestro, Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris to Korugar in order to secure Sinestro's place as the leader of the Sinestro Corps by him fighting against Mongul II. After his success, Indigo-1 aided her comrades in fighting off Black Lantern Abin Sur and Arin Sur.

At the same time, Munk of the Indigo Tribe was sent to Oa to aid the Green Lantern Corps in a massive assault on their world by the Black Lantern Corps. Through his power, he was able to sever the ties the Black Lanterns had to their rings thus providing the defenders on Oa with some means of fighting the undead entities. Indigo later managed to bring together Atrocitus and Larfleeze; the remaining leaders of the two other corps in order to bring back the White Light to fight off Nekron. Indigo managed to use her powers to transport to Ryut in Space Sector 0666 where she learnt by channeling of a Black Lantern Power Ring that the Black Lantern Central Power Battery had been sent to Earth at Coast City. Travelling there with her comrades, she combined the lights of the different corps to fight Nekron but this simply energised him further. Using his new power, he turned numerous other reborn superheroes into Black Lanterns as part of his plans to expose the Guardians of the Universe's greatest secret buried beneath the earth. After Nekron's defeat, the Indigo Tribe took in Black Hand as their prisoner.

Star SapphiresEdit

Created by the Zamarons to collect the various emotions of emotional energy spectrum and to spread and protect love throughout the universe in order to promote order and revenge against males.

The BeginningEdit

Carol Ferris reveals to Hal Jordan that during the most recent time the gem possessed her, she gained knowledge of the Star Sapphires: they come from Sector 1416 and comprise a corps known as the Star Sapphires whose purpose is to spread love throughout all 3600 sectors of the universe. The leaders of the Corps are Oans who, after migrating to Zamaron, found a parasitic crystal which they shaped into several Star Sapphires. These were used to empower females who had been loved and spurned, providing them the opportunity for revenge.

In the afterlude of this incident, the Zamarons are shown converting the Star Sapphire (which Hal Jordan had tricked into latching onto one of the Zamarons) into a power ring and lantern, which they place on a dais which contains a ring and lantern set of the Green Lantern C
300px-Star Sapphire Corps
orps and the Sinestro Corps, alongside several ring/lantern sets of different colors mentioning that they must collect all emotions in order to combat "the Prophecy". After realizing the power of the Star Sapphire was too great for them to control, the Zamarons forged a Violet Power Battery and power ring out of the Star Sapphire (Gem). Violet power rings
300px-656083-ring violet 2007 12 26001copy super
are fueled by the emotion of love, one of the two emotions, with the other being rage, that most influence their user.

[4]The Rise of the Star SapphiresAdded by Rod12===Hiding from The GuardiansEdit=== Deciding to take a cue from their counterparts on Oa, the Zamarons constructed a Power Battery of their own to harness the violet power, with the crystal surrounding the two lovers at it's core. They then crafted rings out of the stones that they had previously been sending out into the univerese. These rings, upon finding a bearer would encase them in crystal, readying the bearer for their new role.

As they've made these preparations the Zamarons have managed to cloak their activities from the Guardians. The only thing they've allowed to be seen are the flashes of power as they delve deeper into the Violet edge of the spectrum. As a result the Guardians have been forced to increase their vigilance on their sector of Space. Finally fearing the inevitable coming of the prophecy of Blackest Night, they then decided to take action. Currently Honor Lantern Gardner, Lantern Arisia, and Lantern Sodam Yat, are preparing to escort them on a diplomatic mission to the Zamarons home planet.

Corps EstablishedEdit

Not long after the initial realization of the Star Sapphires' existence it is revealed that they have built a Central Power Battery and have sent out rings not only to find those who have been loved and spurned but also those who have lost someone they love, with the intent to give love and fight against hate and fear. After the choice is made to become a member of the corps, the initiate is encouraged to follow their heart.

However, the Zamarons were not above inducting new members if they felt it was in their best interests. Following the Sinestro Corps War, the Zamarons captured several female Sinestro Corps members in an attempt to fill the anger and fear in their hearts with love. So far, the only successful conversion is Fatality of Space Sector 1313. A Star Sapphire Ring was also sent to Carol Ferris, who accepted only to spare her former lover Hal Jordan from meeting his intended fate during the Blackest Night, leading the Sapphires in battle to aid him.

[5]Carol Ferris and the Star SapphiresAdded by Rod12===The Blackest NightEdit=== The practice of the Star Sapphires to convert female members of the Sinestro Corps into new recruits later attracted the attention of Sinestro himself who took several loyalist Corpsmen to attack Zamaron itself. During the battle, the Blackest Night came to pass and Black Lantern Power Rings pierced the Zamaron Central Power Battery thus shattering it and freeing the Predator Entity which devastated the Zamaron homeworld, signaling the fall of one of the lights of the Emotional Spectrum.

Black/ DeathEdit

The Black Lantern Corps consisted of various slain and deceased beings throughout the universe who fell into the domain of the dead. There, they were used by the Lord of the Unliving, Nekron as part of a plan to wage a war against the Emotional Spectrum. The Blackest Night Prophecy spoken by Qull of the Five Inversions foretold of The Blackest Night where the enemies of the Guardians of the Universe would rise up against them and destroy their great work. Abin Sur attempted to stop the prophecy from coming to pass and took the demon Atrocitus to Earth in order to find the bearer of "The Black". Though Sur died, Atrocitus managed to discover William Hand and sought to claim the power he would unleash but the red skinned alien was defeated by Hal Jordan and Sinestro. This allowed William Hand to escape and allow the creation of the Black Lantern Corps in the future.

300px-Black Lantern Corps
Manipulations from The Shadows

The initial stages that would bring about the birth of the Black Lantern Corps began during the Sinestro Corps War, when the Sinestro Corps declared war on the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. Under the leadership of Sinestro, the Anti-Monitor, Superman-Prime, Cyborg Superman, and Parallax, the Sinestro Corps waged the most substantial battle of the Sinestro Corps War on the planet Earth, home to many of the superheroes that have thwarted the domination of it's members time and time again. With the war almost over the Green Lanterns were able to take down the Anti-Monitor by hurling Warworld with its Qwardian Power Battery into him. The combined power of the Corps was able to contain the resulting blast around the Anti-Monitor. This blast was not able to kill him, but substantially damaged him and shattered his armor. Enraged at the defeat the Sinestro Corps was suffering, Superman Prime hurled the Anti-Monitor's body into deep space.

The powerful cosmic being drifted in space and the Anti-Monitor's shriveled as well as substantially weakened physical form crash-landed on a dark, barren planet in Space Sector 0666 which was actually the planet Ryut. After the damage suffered on Earth, the Anti-Monitor was unable to protect himself when the ground around him began to envelop him, forming the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. Mean while, a female Guardian wounded in the struggle against the Anti-Monitor became corrupted by the dark energies and thus became a servant to Nekron. She began to subtlely ensure the rise of the Black Lantern Corps and her appearance gave her the name of Scar. It was she who helped instigate the War of Light by her manipulations of her fellow Guardians. She was later responsible for making William Hand killing himself and becoming the embodiment of death

&nbsp On Oa, whilst the War of Light reached its height, the Guardians realized that they had failed in stopping the prophecy and attempted to work against the coming darkness. It was then that Scar revealed her true allegiance and incapacitated her fellow Guardians. Whilst was happening, Black Lantern Power Rings were spawned and resurrecting the dead to attack the living in order to turn them into Black Lanterns. The Black Power Rings shattered the protective shell around Oa and entered the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps as well as the Sciencells where they resurrected the dead. On Zamaron, the black rings resurrected the two lovers within the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery thus devastating the planet when the Predator Entity was freed. Further rings came to Qward where they resurrected the Qwardians as well as dead Sinestro Corps members who turned on their former comrades. More turned to Ysmault where Laira and the Five Inversions were brought back to life whilst the many victims of Larfleeze on Okaara were reanimated as well.

In the mean time, on Earth, various previously deceased superheroes and supervillains were brought back into an undead state by the power rings. Targeting their former enemies or loved ones, they killed many and allowed for their corpses to be animated by the black rings. All the emotional power the Black Lanterns were stealing from the hearts of the living were being channeled back to the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. As it reached 100%, Black Lanterns on Oa attempted to destroy the Green Lantern Central Power Battery but were stopped by Kyle Rayner though at the expense of his own life. Despite this, the Black Lantern Central Power Battery reached 100% allowing for the true master of the Black Lantern Corps to manifest into the mortal plains on Earth at Coast City. There, Nekron commanded the dead to rise once more to serve him. When the leaders of the various Lantern Corps arrived to attack Nekron, their combined light simply empowered him further. Black Hand and Nekron later used the body of deceased Batman to be reanimated in order to form an emotional tether to various resurrected superheroes who were claimed by black power rings and turned into Black Lanterns who followed Nekron in his war against the light.

Throughout the universe, the dead continued to rise with their ranks combating the competing interests of the warlord called Starro with a number of his mindcontrolled warriors being resurrected as Black Lanterns. The Black Lantern Corps later began to invade the Earth whilst their master sought to destroy the Life Entity in order to purge the cosmos of all life as it had been long ago. These undead Black Lanterns were battled by various superheroes as well as the various Lantern Corps that destroyed the Black Lantern world of Xanshi. Ultimately, the Black Lantern Corps was destroyed when Hal Jordan harnessed the power of the White Lantern Power Battery to create the White Lantern Corps. This group consisted of the various resurrected superheroes that had been temporarily transformed into Black Lanterns. The White Lanterns used the power of the White Light to finally vanquish Nekron and the threat of the Blackest Night passed with the Black Lanterns disintegrating along with their power rings.

&nbsp With the end of the Blackest Night, the cosmos returned to its previous state as the Black Lantern Corps had been vanquished. As the Black Power Rings disintegrated, there were no further Black Lanterns though Lex Luthor attempted to find a means to recreate a Black Lantern Power Ring for his own purposes. Though seemingly destroyed, an aspect of the Black Lanterns returned within Firestorm when his dark undead persona emerged - claiming the name Deathstorm. Torturing the two hosts of the Firestorm Matrix, Deathstorm later travelled to the White Lantern Power Battery where he corrupted it. Whilst initially he intended to destroy it in order to kill all life in the universe, a voice came and commanded him not to do so. Instead, it ordered Deathstorm to bring it an army in order for it to command the power over life itself. With those words said, the White Lantern Power Battery in conjunction with Deathstorm created undead Black Lanterns of the twelve resurrected heroes who had been reborn at the end of the Blackest Night. After Deathstorm steals the White Lantern, he, along with Firestorm, are transported to Qward in the Anti-Matter Universe, by the Anti-Monitor, revealed behind the returns of the 12 Black Lanterns. However, they are all destroyed when Ronnie and Jason teamed up, thus allowing Ronnie's labor to be accomplished and be returned to life by the White Entity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Black Lantern Power Battery contains the body of the Anti-Monitor. It is not known whether the Anti-Monitor is still alive within the battery, however his power is the source of power for the Black Lantern Corps. The Black Lantern Power Rings that were sent out have the ability to re-animate the dead. These re-animated corpses make up the members of the Black Lantern Corps.


  • Reanimation: Upon being inducted into the Black Lantern Corps, dead people are restored to a fully functional state. Even if they keep the semblance of a dead, shambling corpse, Black Lantern members are resurrected with the same abilities and powers they had in life, and the same level of intelligence, though their mindset is warped by a deepening belief in death. They, however, don't possess a soul anymore, as shown by the co-existance of the soulless Black Lantern Boston Brand and his disembodied spirit, the superhero Deadman: Ray Palmer, known as The Atom explains that as the Black Ring merely instilling in dead, reanimated corpses the memories pertaining to their former lives, without actually restoring their souls and emotions, for maximizing their abilities to elicit emotions into their former faimilies and peers;
  • Healing Factor/Regeneration: No matter how much damage a Black Lantern sustains, the Black Ring will always restore it to a fully functional state, in a time directly proportionated to the punishment taken by the Corpse. Since the Black Rings bond with the corpse they're reanimating, there's no way to destroy a Black Lantern until the combination of two or more lights of the emotional spectrum shine on them: when that happens, the connection is disrupted and the Black Lantern loses his/her regenerative capabilities.
  • Energy Spectrum Assimilation: Upon killing individuals feeling strong emotions, the Black Lanterns can forcibly extract their hearts and siphon away their last feeling recharging the Central Battery on their home planet. A Black Lantern power ring is charged by .01 percent for every heart collected by the bearer.
  • Aura Recognition: To aid in their assimilation the Black Lantern can see what's the prevalent feeling of their opponent. When the feelings reaches their maximum point, they can see a colored aura, shining with one or more of the seven Emotional Spectrum colours. When that happens, their opponents hearts are ripe for assimilation. As a notable exception, Black Lanterns are unable to perceive the emotions of the superheroine Dove, as they can't rise her namesake and predecessor.
  • Infection: The bites from a Black Lantern were capable of imparting an infection that slowly killed the victim and thus turned them into a new member of the Black Lantern Corps. The Black Lantern child of Donna Troy accomplished such a feat as he used his emotional connection with his mother to get close enough whereupon he bit her after which Troy could feel herself slowly turning into a Black Lantern.


  • Black Lantern power rings are apparently unable to resurrect an individual who died in a state of peace with themselves, such as the original Dove, Don Hall. They similarly can't steal the hearts of people able to balance their emotions in a peaceful white aura, as with the second Dove.
  • Although their rings will rebuild their bodies when damaged, a strong amount of punishment can slow them down.
  • Black Lanterns are apparently unable to harm an individual who feels no emotion at all, such as Jonathan Crane.
  • They can be destroyed if they are damaged quicker than they can regenerate, such as when a large amount of them were destroyed when drawn into Mogo's core or a Red Lantern's rage plasma.
  • The light of Willpower combined with one or more different power rings can distrupt their powers: it's surmised that the combined light of the Seven Emotions, by restoring the original White Light of Creation can extinguish darkness and bring on the end of the Black.

Lantern OathsEdit

White Lantern Corps Oath[6]Edit

Coming Soon

Red Lantern Corps OathEdit

"With blood and rage of crimson red,

Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,

Together with our hellish hate,

We'll burn you all--that is your fate!"

Orange Lantern Corps Oath[7]Edit

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Sinestro Corps Oath[8]Edit

"In blackest day, in brightest night,

Beware your fears made into light.

Let those who try to stop what's right

Burn like my power--Sinestro's might!"

Green Lantern Oaths[9]Edit

Green Lantern Corps Version[10]Edit

"In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!"

Alpha Lantern Corps Version[11]Edit

"In days of peace, in nights of war,

Obey the laws forever more.

Misconduct must be answered for,

Swear us the chosen--the Alpha Corps!"

Alan Scott Version[12]Edit

"And I shall shed my light over dark evil,

For the dark things cannot stand the light;

The light of...THE GREEN LANTERN!"

Rot Lop Fan (F-Sharp Bell) VersionEdit

"In loudest din or hush profound,

My ears catch evil's slightest sound.

Let those who toll out evil's knell

Beware my power, the F-Sharp Bell!"

Medphyll Version[13]Edit

"In forest dark or glade beferned,

No blade of grass shall go unturned.

Let those who have the daylight spurned

Tread not where this green lamp has burned!"

Jack T. Chance Version[14]Edit

You who are wicked, evil and mean,

I'm the nastiest creep you've ever seen!

Come one, come all, put up a fight

I'll pound your butts with Green Lantern's light! Yowza."

Barin Version[15]Edit

In this place of black and grey and dark...

the green shall be my light, my hope, my strength.

All that is good is all I defend.

I shall not falter.

Sodam Yat (31st Century Version)[16]Edit

In brightest day, through Blackest Night,

No other Corps shall spread its light!

Let those who try to stop what's right,

Burn like my power, Green Lantern's Light!

Blue Lantern Corps Oath[17]Edit

"In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"

Indigo Tribe Oath[18]Edit

"Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,

Natromo faan tornek wot ur.

Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur,

Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!

Star Sapphires Oath[19]Edit

"For hearts long lost and full of fright,

For those alone in Blackest Night.

Accept our ring and join our fight,

Love conquers all with violet light!"

Black Lantern Corps Oath[20]Edit

"The Blackest Night falls from the skies,

The darkness grows as all light dies.

We crave your hearts and your demise,

By my black hand, the dead shall rise!"