Zero was born or should i say spawned in the fires of the pits of hell and was shortly after exhiled for trying to sleep with satans daughter he then wandered into heaven and soon after found himself worshiped as a god of war among men due to his amazing battle skills. he sadly however was exiled for creating the evil that is kittens. He now resides on earth wandering the plains as a humble ruler of all and admin of his wikia site ZERO AND THE SQUAD and currently rules alone until he finds another worthy of

FROM HERE ON IT IS SAIBOT69 and KoKabal07 being jackasses

Saibot69: Like my friend Saibot69. I love him and he is the bomb.

KoKabal07: Jk I think that KoKobal is the right man for an admin, for Saibot is a little baby boy who dose not know a acorn for his own tiny baby brain. KoKabal is a man beast and I love him more than Saibot.

Saibot69: Only because kokabal sucks on his nipples as if they were his binkies. He Acts like a noob but saibot is the bestest friend I have ever had.

KoKabal: Siabots name is Noob. Not because its his gods last name backwards, but because he fails at life. Futher more, If I had a Dime for every time Saibot was not a baby, wallowing in his on fith, I would be a hobo that has to eat dogs for substinence! KoKabal FTW!!!! And the only reason I say this is because I really want Kokabal in my pants.

Saibot69: kokabal is so feminine they named a Barbie after him this is why I like Saibot69 more. At least KoKabal can please a man, let alone a woman.

KoKabal: Saibot gets scaried and runs away every time a lady comes neir him and he love big dicks. KoKabal is the best man ever.'''''