Zoalords are the supreme Zoaforms - intended to be the generals for the armies of biologically-engineered soldiers. Originally, there was only one single Zoalord, namely Archanfel; however, he created a council of eleven lesser Zoalords to be able to control the world, as well as launch an immense space ship known as the Ark powered by their psionic reserves.

All Zoalords are exceptionally well-designed Zoaforms, but they derive their special power and longevity - they are functionally immortal - from the Zoacrystal which is embedded in their skull. These Zoacrystals were originally harvested from Archanfel´s body, cleaved and cultivated and then implanted.

Zoalords have a number of standard powers even in human form - superhuman strength and resilience, telepathic ability and control of any Zoanoids within their range, flight and possibly teleportation.

They are each also capable of changing into a battleform in which they deploy a specialized powerset. The difference in abilities in these battleforms is great.

The complete Zoalord council initially had twelve members. Four are now dead, two are disabled, one of which permanently, two have defected, and one was presumed dead, but has instead gone rogue


Fear us, We have CAPES!!!